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Get Certified By The Best

Inked Elegantly

Inked Elegantly Training Offers group and private course in Multi States

Permanent Makeup Training

They say” a true master of their craft is one who can most effectively pass on their knowledge. The power of education lies not only in educators, but the students as well. Bella has done just this, by founding Inked Elegantly & Training, a course designed to teach all the fundamentals needed to be the best you can be at your craft.





Microblading & PMU Course
$ 2,600
Disposable Microblading Pen
Training Manual flash drive
Eyebrow Pencil
Microblading Tool
Inked Thread
Inked Ring
Mannequin head

Six month ongoing education

Powder Brow & Lip Course
$ 2,800
Tattoo Machine with Needles
Power Box
Training Manual flash drive
Lip pencil
Brow Pencil
Lip Pigment (Permablend)
Eyebrow Ruler & Tape
Grip Tape
Six month ongoing education
Fake Skin

By opting to enroll in the courses together, you’ll enjoy substantial savings, as the total cost will be

Only $3,600

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$1,200 nonrefundable deposit

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Bella Dimemmo

About Training

Bella is Certified and qualified in multiple states as a master Artist and trainer of Permanent Makeup and Microblading with more than 24 years of experience in the beauty industry, 11 in the PMU field and being a PMU educator for 6 plus years teaching 100s of artists.

She graduated top of her class from Yvonne De Villar, a skincare school in Virginia where she became an aesthetician & Makeup Artist at the age of 19. 

She worked alongside some of the best skincare specialists in the industry.  After years in the skincare field, her love for Makeup allowed her to venture off into the wonderful world of Permanent Makeup. She has been so successful in the PMU world due to her extensive knowledge and skin anatomy and color theory. This is what sets her apart from many trainers 

She has successfully completed more than 40 PMU trainings all over the US. She continues her education each year and prides herself in staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest as the industry is always evolving. 

As the founder of Inked Elegantly Training, located in Maryland where she travels to teach Her signature Look (Naturally Healed PMU) she presents a unique soft style of hair strokes and pixels sharing all her tips and secrets to success. 

Bella is a Board certified professional in Semi-Permanent MakeUp with the prestigious (AAM) American Academy of Micropigmentation. 

She is a licensed Master Artist, Educator, founder, CPR Certified, insured, and owner of Inked elegantly in SSI Georgia & Inked Elegantly Training in Baltimore where she Travels to Accommodate Clients and Students

She takes great pride In her work,  has passion, determination, and truly understands the fundamentals and art and science in PMU. Her passion is to make new artists start their new adventure with the skill and knowledge needed to succeed in this ever evolving industry. 

Whether it’s eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips, Bella will make sure you are ready and have the mentorship required to become a great artist with confidence.

Her premium treatments have thrilled and attracted clients and Students from local and international communities.  

Are you ready to join the inked Elegantly team? Inquire today!

Why Learn From

Inked Elegantly

  • You’ll learn from an experienced and successful artist who’s done it!
  • You want mentorship, not just a course!
  • More than just the art, you want a successful business!
  • You want a proven program, that’s produced successful artists!



  • Photography
  • Client Consultation
  • Medical & Release Forms
  • Before & Aftercare
  • Training With Machine/Tool
  • Work on Live Models
  • Hands On Training
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Levels to perfect your skill
  • Brow Mapping (Lip Mapping)
  • Stretching
  • Biohazard
  • Sanitation/Sterilization
  • Skin anatomy
  • Color Theory (Needle Configuration, Machine stroke Technique)
  • Obtaining Certificate
  • 6 months ongoing education



What Makes

Inked Elegantly Training unique?

  • We allow all students to come to our training center at the time of future classes if in need of more guidance
  • We also allow students to book one on one with their first client so they can have an instructor present
  • We want to ensure all students feel 100% confident in the skills they learn in our 4 day course
  • We are committed to showing our students all aspects of the business to make sure they succeed

Your success is our success!…


No, Maryland does not require you to have a Tattoo license to take the class.

As soon as you graduate and pass all the levels and homework, you will receive a certificate of graduation. This will show your certified. Once you receive your certificate, you can start working on your own clients.

Yes, learning Permanent Makeup does not require you to have prior make up skills or beauty skills.

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