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Our Beauty


We are all just different kinds of beautiful. When we believe we are beautiful, that is when we truly shine. Our job is to add to that confidence that ignites your own amazing beauty, both inside and out.

It is our honor and joy to contribute to our clients in this unique way and we’d love to share it with you through the microblading, permanent makeup and skin care services we provide.






Bella Dimemmo

Bella started her career nearly 24 years ago when she discovered her innate talent when she was young girl with her love for makeup. She decided to follow her dreams and went to school (Yvonne De Vilar) to become a makeup artist and skincare specialist. She graduated top of her class and became a Licensed Aesthetician.

Over the decades, she experimented with every routine imaginable, so Bella decided to create a company that could help both men and woman all ages, regardless of race. With a true passion for beauty, her greatest joy is helping people look beautiful and feel good about themselves.

As a skin care specialist she saw first-hand how much damage the sun was doing to people’s skin, so Bella decided to add airbrush tanning to her certifications. She knew she could help people protect their skin by tanning in a healthy way, and was passionate about helping people protect their skin. She did not stop there, she continued her education and became licensed and insured to offer Permanent Makeup.  For the last 11 years Baltimore, Fort Lauderdale and Georgia where she not only offered services but training and mentorship.

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It’s a cosmetic tattooing technique designed to give you fuller and more prominent eyebrow featured on your face.

We are licensed, insured and certified with the AAM (American Academy of micro pigmentation). Bella holds over 40 certificates with some of the best artists in the industry.

The process is done via a blade which consists of micro-needles. I will match the ink to the skin tones and the color of the hair. I then make an incision that will mimic a hair into the superficial layers of the skin. This creates hair like strokes in order to create a fuller, natural brow design.

Pre-treatment instructions are provided below:

  • Avoid caffeine the day of procedure.
  • Restrain from alcoholic beverages 48 hours prior to procedure.
  • Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen or any similar pain reliever should not be used 7 days prior to procedure.
  • Tweezing or waxing should be done 48 hours prior to procedure.
  • Do not expose the areas to be treated to the sun or tanning beds for one week prior to procedure.
  • Fillers should be done 6 weeks prior to your scheduled procedure or done 6 weeks after the procedure.
  • Arrive for the procedure with a clean, dry face, and free of any products and makeup.
  • Consult with your physician before taking or discontinuing the use of any medications.
  • If is recommended to NOT have a tan/burn on your dace at the time of the procedure.
  • No eyebrow tinting 5 days before the procedure.
  • Botox injections should be performed either 3 weeks prior to your scheduled procedure or 2 weeks after your final procedure.
  • TYLENOL is best for minor pain relief.
  • Small ice packs may be used (5 min max) to minimize swelling the day of, and the day after the procedure.
  • for the first 3-4 days, avoid soap and cleansing products.
  • Avoid getting new brows wet outside of the cleaning routine provided by the artist.
  • No cleansers, creams, make-up or any other products on procedure area for 10 days.
  • DO NOT use products with fragrances or hard chemicals, Peroxide, Retin-A or Glycolic Acids for 4 weeks following procedure.
  • DO NOT use antibacterial / antibiotic ointments such as Neosporin.
  • UNDER NO CIRMCUMSTANCES should you scrub, scratch, or pick treated areas.
  • AVOID sun exposure and tanning beds, facials, sweating, swimming, whirlpools, and exertion for at least 14 days.
  • AVOID sleeping on your face.
  • KEEP ALL PETS kisses and dander away from treated areas until completely healed.
  • FOLLOW ALL post care instructions provided.